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Chip Nelson

Nice "Buttpillow"!


We've got us a new vernacular to compliment the female anatomy. "Butt pillow"!

Nevermind badonkadonk, tush, junk, hiney or Bum Bum (Brazil). All played.

It seems like Japan is always starting the hottest new trends. A club called Soineya, which is described as a "cuddle club," is a place where guests can receive all types of TLC services, from foot massages to an innocent snuggle in bed.

But its newest service is starting to get a lot of attention. For $11 a minute, customers can ask for the "oshiri makura," or "butt-pillow." The service lets patrons rest their weary heads on the tush of a female staff member. Sound like something you'd be interested in? There's also a less-expensive option. You could spend $11 for three minutes of resting your head on an employee's lap.

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