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ROCK LEGENDS: Discuss Life After 70

ROCK LEGENDS:  Discuss Life After 70

                         Grace Slick, 74

Ringo Starr, now 73, says, "As long as I can hold the [drum] sticks, [making music] can go on forever; it’s something you don’t have to retire from.”

Keith Richards, age 70, claims he's "still an apprentice. There’s always stuff to learn. I wouldn’t be surprised if were doing this in 10 years and Mick [age 70] will still be able to do amazing pirouettes."

Grateful Dead co-founder Phil Lesh, who's 74, says he still gets pleasure performing. But these days, it's with his sons Grahame and Brian. He calls their "Lesh genetic blend [of] music-making magical and totally fulfilling." Health crises have not stopped him -- but as a liver transplant and prostate cancer survivor, Lesh now finishes his concerts urging audience members to fill out organ donor cards.

Joni Mitchell, now 70, and dealing with the lingering effects of childhood polio and vocal issues, tells the panel, "It’s hard to tell what is age decline and what is disease: What can I fight and what do I have to accept? That’s my battle at this time." Unable to properly control her voice, she says her singing days are "probably gone."

Grace Slick, at 74, may not be rockin' and rollin', but she's no wallflower. She quips, "We’re decaying as we get old… Why don’t you see people my age in bikinis in magazines? Because it would make you throw up! I don’t like to see old people flapping their wings around on stage." However, she also admitted that aging is "kind of hard on the ego and the pride. I’ll look in the mirror and say, 'Oh [bleep]!' That’s the way it is. What are you going to do?' You might as well be ugly and happy; a lot of young people are ugly and happy."

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