Minny Monkey Mummy

mummy monkey

A construction crew in Minnesota went bananas last week when work on a long-vacant department store turned up a mummified monkey stuck in an air duct on an upper floor.

The workmen were doing demolition on what used to be the Dayton's location in downtown Minneapolis when someone broke through a wall and found the stiff-as-a-board creature, which had clearly been there for years.

Regan Murphy, now the mayor of the Twin Cities suburb of Robbinsdale, thinks his dad may be partly responsible for the monkey business, since he once told a story of how he and a pal kidnapped the critter from a window display, but quickly found out that keeping such a pet wasn't as much fun as it looked. Murphy tells a local paper, "They took a bus downtown, went inside the store, put the monkey on an escalator, and took off. We've always wondered what the hell happened to that monkey." (City Pages)


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