New Navy Seal "Batmobile" (watch)!

A Navy SEAL futuristic, ultra-fast, wave piercing, attack craft is breaking ground to help prepare for future wars.

It's stealthy, ultra-fast and it can go places other crafts can't. In the nation’s vast fleet, those lucky enough to spot this craft often describe it as the most remarkable looking vessel in the Navy.


The super-futuristic looks are not all that will surprise – this boat has another boat hidden inside.

After a stealthy approach to enemy shores, a ramp in the M80 Stiletto’s rear can lower to launch a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)loaded with 12 fierce and fearless Navy SEALs for rapid insertion into enemy territory.

V-hull craft, like Zodiac RHIB's, are often used by special operations teams to rapidly insert teams on missions.

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