BRUNO SAMMARTINO: Legendary Wrestler Dead at 82

The pro wrestling world is mourning the loss of Bruno Sammartino. The legendary hall of famer and longtime champion has passed away at his home in Pittsburgh. He was 82.

The Italian-born wrestler, nicknamed "The Living Legend," began his career in the late '50s and wrestled for the World Wide Wrestling Federation, which became the WWF and then the WWE. He was the longest-reigning champion in WWE history, having held the belt for eight years and then again for four years. He wrestled into his 50s and retired in 1987, when he became an outspoken critic of the WWF and executive Vince McMahon, particularly for allowing steroids in pro wrestling. 

Following years of bitterness between Sammartino and the WWF, he was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. He is survived by his wife and three kids, including former wrestler David Sammartino. (TMZ)



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