ZZ TOP: First Mini-Residency; Upcoming 50th Anniversary


Dusty Hill says he's "a fan of Las Vegas and always have been, on many levels."

Promoting ZZ Top's five-show run that begins Friday at the Veneitan, he tells the Las Vegas Sun, "Vegas to me is a place like Hollywood or New York where you can walk around and people recognize you but it’s like, hey, that’s cool, and then we go on with our lives. You’re not just there to see me onstage, you’re there to play and have fun."

Surprisingly, it's the first time these Texas rockers have ever done even a mini-residency. Hill says, "We’ve been wanting to try this for a while, even before it became the thing to do... To have more than one day in any town is different for us. We’re non-stop."

Next year will mark ZZ Top's 50th anniversary. Hill says, "We are unique because we’re the same three guys, and as Billy says, playing the same three chords." Hill says they're working on a documentary as well as other concepts, after all, "The 50th only comes once."

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