TODD RUNDGREN: On the Road With Utopia

Utopia's first tour in 32 years is underway with the first two shows last Wednesday in Pennsylvania and Friday in New Jersey.

Todd Rundgren put together a career-spanning 24 songs over two sets. The first set highlights the early version of the band, which was progressive, while the second set contains more of the traditional rock songs such as "Road to Utopia," "Swing to the Right," "Love in Action" and "Hammer in My Heart."

In addition to Rundgren, this line-up of Utopia features singer and bassist Kasim [prn: Kaz-um] Sulton and drummer Willie Wilcox, both from the last incarnation of the band, and keyboardist Gil Assayas [prn: Uh-sigh-us], who is filling in for early band member Ralph Schuckett, who is dealing with health issues. Roger Powell, who was the keyboardist on the last tour, now has a full-time job and is no longer able to tour.

After the first two shows in the Northeast, the tour headed to Houston last night (Sunday) and will remain in the south through April 29th before returning to finish the rest of the Northeast starting May 1st in Huntington, New York. The tour runs through June 5th in Riverside, California.

Utopia 2018 set list -- Second set starts with song 12, "Road to Utopia":

  1. “Utopia Theme”
  2. “Ikon”
  3. “Another Life”
  4. “Freedom Fighters”
  5. “Do Ya”
  6. “The Wheel”
  7. “Back on the Street”
  8. “Something's Coming”
  9. “Monument”
  10. “Communion With the Sun”
  11. “Last of the New Wave Riders”
  12. “Road to Utopia”
  13. “Play This Game”
  14. “Swing to the Right”
  15. “Trapped”
  16. “Set Me Free”
  17. “Love in Action”
  18. “Hammer in My Heart”
  19. “Princess of the Universe”
  20. “I Will Wait”
  21. “Rock Love”
  22. “Love is the Answer”
  23. “One World”
  24. “Just One Victory”


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