GUNS N' ROSES: Album Missing "One..."


Guns n' Roses' recently announced Super Deluxe Edition of Appetite for Destruction may have plenty of unreleased material that's never been available before, but it's missing one song that has previously been released and available.

That song is "One in a Million," which closes their eight-song mini-album G n' R Lies. The controversial song was inspired by Axl Rose gettinghustled in the Greyhound bus station when he first arrived in L.A.  Its use of the "n-word" and negative sentiments toward immigrants and gays, enraged some people when it was first issued and either the group, the label or both must have wanted to avoid a repeat performance. So while the other seven songs from Lies are included, you'll have to find an old copy it if you want to hear "One in a Million."

Appetite for Destruction: Super Deluxe Edition comes out June 29th.

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