MARK KNOPFLER: Helping His Brothers in Arms

Part of the reason Mark Knopfler has been able to record and release five albums in the last 12 years is because he has his own studio, and a successful one at that.

British Grove Studios, built in the early 2000s in London's West End, has been used not only by Knopfler, but also his friends Eric Clapton and Sting, along with Roger Waters, The Who, U2 and The Rolling Stones.

Mark Knopfler on the goal of his British Grove Studios in London:

Knopfler on studio

Among the old pieces of equipment is the recording console Paul McCartney used for his Band on the Run album in 1973 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Knopfler recently finished his next album at the studio. He plans to release it at the end of the year and support it with a tour in 2019.

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