BOB SEGER: A Main Street of His Own

Seger Blvd

WCSX Detroit morning jock Jim O’ Brien is looking to have a street in Ann Arbor, Michigan named after the city's most famous musical export, Bob Seger.

O'Brien says, “When we found this stretch of road in Ann Arbor at his high school, it just made sense to make Bob Seger Boulevard a reality. And it’s connected to Main Street,” which is the title of a 1977 Seger hit.

O'Brien tells us he's been "getting E-mails from all over the country (and Canada). People are sharing stories about Bob's music and what it means to them. We need to keep the E-mails coming, though -- this is key to showing the need for it."

O'Brien adds that he's working on presenting a formal request to the head of the Ann Arbor School Board. To show your support, E-mail Jim at

Born in Detroit, Seger and his family moved 40 miles west to Ann Arbor when he was five. Seger returned to the Motor City as a teenager.

In 2016, O'Brien worked with officials in Royal Oak, Michigan to have a street near Glenn Frey's former high school renamed Glenn Frey Way.

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