JOURNEY: Don't Stop Believin' in a New Album


Despite a rift with Neal Schon which almost scuttled Journey last year, Jonathan Cain believes the band still has another album in it.

He tells, "We haven’t given up on making a new CD; it’s just that the market has changed so much. We have to be careful when making a new offering. We have to map it out, so it makes sense economically... I’m encouraged that we can do one. I think Neal and I are going to have to rope [singer] Arnel [Pineda] in."

He says recent experience could make the process easier. "I have been making Christian music, and it has given me a mastery of putting things together. When I come to the studio, I have everything arranged and ready to go. If we apply that approach, we should be able to knock things out in a week or two."

Journey's last studio album, Eclipse, came out in 2011.

The band's spring and summer tour with Def Leppard begins next Monday, the 21st, in Hartford, Connecticut.

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