Couple Finds Buried Treasure in Backyard (watch)


A New York couple did some landscaping work in their backyard and made an unexpected discovery -- buried treasure.

As their landscaping crew was digging up some trees, they found a large metal box buried underground. At first they didn't know what it was until and then they saw a combination lock on it and figured it was an old safe.

Workers used a pick axe to pry it open and found a huge bounty of riches inside. There was about $16,000 in cash as well as diamonds, rings and other jewelry. Everything added up to about $52,000 worth of buried treasure. 

Also inside the safe was a note that contained a home address, which they were able to track down to a neighbor. It turns out that the neighbor's house was burglarized seven years ago and thieves made off with the safe. They figured it was gone forever. Somehow it ended up buried in the yard.

The couple returned the safe and all of its contents to its rightful owner. (WCBS-TV)

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