TED NUGENT: Diet Made Them Do It?


Ted Nugent has a theory about what has led students to shoot up their schools -- their diets.

On Monday's edition of The Joe Pags Show, Nuge said, "On my Facebook right now I have highlighted a documentary that concludes -- and you cannot escape the reality, the diet of these children, from birth -- you talk about ADD and autism. It's a direct result, in more cases than not, I believe in the 90-plus percentile, a diet of sugars and chemicals and fake garbage that doesn't allow them to think properly.

"If you really look at the pharmaceutical attack on our children, trying to compensate for a diet that is absolutely poisonous, and in every instance -- you mark my words when the studies are finalized -- you will find that Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, certainly Sandy Hook, these maniac murderers in Parkland and now Santa Fe, if you really studied the slovenliness and the zombie-like conduct of these murderers, you go back to their diet and examine what they've put into their sacred temple, and it's all garbage, it's all poison.

"I know people think I'm trying to get away from the gun issue, but it's not a gun issue. It is a conduct issue. Now you add the violent games, the violent movies and you add the fact that the parents often, more often than not, just don't guide, don't nurture, don't discipline their children, and you've got kids out of control. Check out what we are feeding our children and you will find the answer to this calamity."

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