THE WIZARD OF OZ: Oldest Munchkin Dead at 98

The oldest-living munchkin from The Wizard of Oz has died. Jerry Maren, who appeared in the classic movie as one of the members of the Lollipop Guild, passed away last week in San Diego. He was 98.

TMZ reports that Maren had been suffering from dementia and was living at a nursing care facility. His funeral was held last weekend at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood. There were rumors two years ago that Maren had died from pancreatic cancer, but they were not true.  He was 19 at the time the movie was released.  99-year-old Caren Marsh Doll, who was Judy Garland's stand-in, is still alive.

If you're picturing the Lollipop Guild, he was the one in the middle. (watch)



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