BONUS VIDEO: Toto's "Africa" a Cappella

What is it with Toto's "Africa" these days?  haha                                                                                    Here's what's transpired, chronologically, beginning May 24th.

In the world of Internet trolling, Weezer may have just won.

A Twitter account called Weezer Cover Africa by Toto (@weezerafrica) started pestering the band back in December to record that 1983 number-one hit and even got the song's writer, David Paich, to post about it on Facebook. The account was set up by a 14-year-old music fan from the Cleveland area named Mary, who played Weezer songs in her School of Rock cover band.

May 24th  Weezer released a Toto cover, but they did the other big hit from Toto 4, "Rosanna." Mary tweeted, "It's not every day that you get trolled by Weezer." Check out the pretty straightforward cover on YouTube.


Then this from May 29th:

After trolling the fan who wanted them to cover Toto's "Africa" by doing a version of "Rosanna" instead, Weezer have finally granted the fan's wish.

The "Africa" cover is up on YouTube and all streaming services now. Mary, the 14-year-old who runs the Weezer Cover Africa Twitter account, tweeted Tuesday morning, "I don't know what's next. Just let me enjoy this for a while."


Then this past Sunday, June 3rd:

Steve Lukather of Toto sent a thank you video to Amy, the Cleveland area girl who got Weezer to cover "Africa." In the background of that video? Ringo Starr. (Lukather is on tour as a member of Ringo's All-Starr Band.)


And finally (i think) today, June 7th:

A Nashville-based musician and vocalist named Mike Tompkins recorded this amazing one-man a cappella rendition of Toto's "Africa."



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