BEACH BOYS: Symphonic Mashup Out Today

Brian Wilson thanks The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for making their collaboration with The Beach Boys "a good listening experience."

The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is out today (Friday) on CD and digital. Wilson admits being skeptical about this marriage of classic surf rock harmonies and symphonic backing -- until he heard the final product. Now he says, "It feels like joyous. I can feel the love in the orchestra." Using one of their classic songs as a metaphor, Brian adds, "People can enjoy 'The Warmth of the Sun' through this album."


Producer Nick Patrick gets more technical, explaining, "When you dig down into the arrangements, they're extraordinary, they're fresh they're new, they're complex, they're beautiful and constructed in a completely original way. Arranger Sally Herbert notes, "It's not like doing a symphonic version of a band. It's just adding something extra. You still have the original vocals, we still use some of the original instruments. It's just enhancing."


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