Robert Plant turned down Game of Thrones role

ROBERT PLANT says he turned down a role on "Game of Thrones" . . . so apparently the producers now have an idea how JIMMY PAGE feels.

But it wasn't because he was too busy . . . it was because he's already done PLENTY of that fantasy-type stuff.

He said, quote, "I don't want to be typecast.  I mean, I started that [stuff].  Go back to 'Immigrant Song', Led Zeppelin being part of a cultural exchange in Iceland with the Icelandic government . . .

"The Viking thing . . . I've got a lot to answer for [now], because I've never seen so many bands with double-bladed axes . . . they could've all looked like Soft Cell."

Of course, Zeppelin had a lot of lyrics inspired by fantasies like "Lord of the Rings", too.

He added, quote, "I haven’t got time to grow the beard really." 



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