ALLMAN BROTHERS: Will They Continue?


Unlike many other bands where key members died but they continued on, don't look for The Allman Brothers Band to get back out there.

Though he was never a member, Gregg Allman's son Devon Allman tells Rolling Stonethat he wouldn’t consider restarting the band with Dickey Betts, his son Duane Betts, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and Jaimoe. Devon says, “I don't think that that would be very respectful of the legacy. It's always going be a balance, and my number-one thing is integrity and class. So is there a way to kind of perpetuate it within a loose framework? Yes. But to come out and use their name, or the mushrooms and the peaches after they worked hard for all that? No.”

Of course, the Allmans did continue after the death of founding members Duane Allmanand Berry Oakley. And though they did hang it up in 2014, there was talk of them reuniting -- until that came to an end with the deaths of drummer Butch Trucks and Allman last year. The only two founding members left are Dickey Betts and Jaimoe.

Among the more notable bands who have continued following the deaths of founding members are The Who, the Eagles, Queen, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Bad Company and The Beach Boys.

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