Bama Offers Full Scholarship to 8th-Grader

Saban and kid

The University of Alabama is attempting to maintain its dominance in college football by digging deeper than anyone in their recruiting efforts. Need proof? They recently offered a full scholarship to an eighth grader.

To be fair, this is no ordinary eighth grader.

Kiyaunta Goodwin of Louisville, Kentucky, is 6-foot-7 and weighs 370 pounds. He won’t graduate from high school until 2022, but Kiyaunta has already received scholarship offers from Georgia, Louisville, Kentucky, LSU, Syracuse, Cincinnati and Western Kentucky -- among others.

He can supposedly leg press 1,000 pounds and bench press 315 pounds -- again … as an eighth grader.

We'll see how this goes -- and exactly where he actually plays college ball. It's just a matter of waiting four years until he finishes high school. (Larry Brown Sports)

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