Bama Offers Full Scholarship to 8th-Grader

posted by Chip Nelson - 

Saban and kid

The University of Alabama is attempting to maintain its dominance in college football by digging deeper than anyone in their recruiting efforts. Need proof? They recently offered a full scholarship to an eighth grader.

To be fair, this is no ordinary eighth grader.

Kiyaunta Goodwin of Louisville, Kentucky, is 6-foot-7 and weighs 370 pounds. He won’t graduate from high school until 2022, but Kiyaunta has already received scholarship offers from Georgia, Louisville, Kentucky, LSU, Syracuse, Cincinnati and Western Kentucky -- among others.

He can supposedly leg press 1,000 pounds and bench press 315 pounds -- again … as an eighth grader.

We'll see how this goes -- and exactly where he actually plays college ball. It's just a matter of waiting four years until he finishes high school. (Larry Brown Sports)


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