DOORS: Wanted Paul Rodgers to Sing

P Rodgers

Paul Rodgers has quite the résumé -- Free, Bad Company, The Firm with Jimmy Page, The Law with Kenney Jones, Queen and a solo career. Now we've found out that he almost replaced Jim Morrison in The Doors.

In an interview with Billboard, Rodgers says, "I didn’t know it at the time, but I did a show [a few years ago] with a reformed version of The Doors. They came up to me, and said ‘You might not know this, but when Jim Morrison died, we flew over to England, and were looking for you to join us. But, we couldn’t find you.’ I was gobsmacked. I told them that I was in the country hiding away writing with Mick Ralphs writing songs for Bad Company. That was really amazing. What a compliment.”

While what Rodgers says sounds like it could be true, Doors' guitarist Robby Krieger once said they were also interested in another British musician named Paul.

Robby Krieger on joking that The Doors should have hired Paul McCartney after the death of Jim Morrison:

Krieger on Macca

While McCartney did not replace Morrison, he did take the place of another rock star who died at 27 -- Kurt Cobain -- for a one-off recording in 2012.

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