ALLMAN BROTHERS: Boredom Brought Betts Back

D. Betts

Former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts says boredom got him off the couch and back onto the concert stage.

He tells Billboard, "When I turned 70 years old I just figured I wanted to go fishing and play golf and mess around and stuff, so I decided I would retire. Well, I got bored as hell sitting around here. Then I do this Rolling Stone interview -- just to be friendly, I wasn't really working on a career or nothing -- and when it came out the promoters started calling me, offering me good money to go out and play again. I was bored, and they wanted me back. That's the way it happened."

Betts says he’s “a little rusty, a little unimaginative right now, but it won't take long, I'll work my way back out there. It's sort of like Tiger Woods; You can't just come back and start winning golf tournaments again."

The 74-year old Betts resumes his tour on July 15th in Patchogue, New York.

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