LED ZEPPELIN: What Are the Odds?


Bookmakers in England say the two favorites to headline next year's Glastonbury festival are Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac.

Zeppelin, who have a few non-performing plans in place for their 50th anniversary this year, are two-to-one. Fleetwood Mac, who will be on tour this year and next, are three-to-one.

Betway’s Alan Alger says Glastonbury promoter Emily Eavis has "previously spoken about her dream of getting Led Zeppelin to headline, and this year the odds suggest there’s a good chance of that becoming a reality."

Betway’s Top 10 odds on who could headline Glastonbury next year:

  1. Led Zeppelin: 2/1
  2. Fleetwood Mac: 3/1
  3. The Beach Boys: 4/1
  4. The Stone Roses: 4/1
  5. The Strokes: 4/1
  6. Elton John: 5/1
  7. Kendrick Lamar: 6/1
  8. The Rolling Stones: 10/1
  9. Kanye West: 12/1
  10. Taylor Swift: 12/1

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