KISS: Original Lineup Reunion?


Ace Frehley is open to a reunion with KISS.

The band's founding guitarist tells Australia's May the Rock Be With You, "I think probably the best way KISS will be remembered is if Paul [Stanley] and Gene[Simmons] decide to take me back into the fold and we end up doing a bigger and better show and go out that way on top. That’s what I think should happen, but basically since I quit the group a couple of times, it’s not my place to say how it’s gonna end, it’s up to Paul and Gene."

He adds that "by the end of 2018 I think we will probably start formulating a plan for a KISS reunion, at least that’s what I’d like to happen and I think the fans would like that... Me, Paul and Gene have been communicating more and more and more, and I think we’re leaning towards that direction, but there’s nothing written in stone at this point."

If that doesn't happen, Ace wants to "put together a super group of people that are equal to my talent and notoriety and go out that way. Playing arenas, but either way I’m gonna be OK, I’m making great records and I’m selling out wherever I perform for the most part, and I’m having a ball doing it."

He'll soon release a new album and go on a tour of Australia in August with Gene, and will be aboard the KISS Kruise in late October. 

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