Man Riding Unicorn Saves Goose From Snapping Turtle

Some people near a country club in Des Moines, Iowa, got to see something remarkable recently -- a man riding a unicorn, saving a baby goose from a snapping turtle.

Cary Coppola was driving past the Des Moines Golf and Country Club, when he saw a young goose having trouble keeping his head above water in a pond.

He realized that the goose was being attacked by a snapping turtle. So, Cary put on his swim trunks, hopped onto an inflatable unicorn pool toy and jumped in the water to help out.

He got the bird to shore, where his brother was able to free it from the turtle. The goose got back to its family unharmed -- and Cary will remain a local legend to anyone who saw his rescue efforts from shore. (Des Moines Register)

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