Elderly Man Shows Young'n How to be Brave (watch)

95-year-old Michael Bliss, an Air Force veteran who served in World War II and Korea and can barely walk without a cane, recently struggled to step up onto a diving board and then dove into the deep end.

Bliss was not trying to show off his physique or impress some female nonagenarians. He did it to show a five-year-old boy that there was nothing to be afraid of.

After hearing that the young boy was too afraid to jump off the diving board, Bliss assured him there was no reason to be scared and to prove it, he would show him how it's done.

So after family members helped him onto the diving board and then right up to the edge, Bliss slowly leaned over and performed a perfect half-dive, half-belly flop into the pool.

Michael's daughter, Christine Ross, wasn't surprised by what her father did. She says, "He is very spry for his age." She also shared a video of the dive that has since gone viral. (USA Today)



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