40 YEARS AGO TODAY: The Sergeant Pepper Movie Bombs

The movie adaptation of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band opened in theaters on July 24th, 1978.

  • There were 29 songs in the score, primarily from the Segeant Pepper's and Abbey Road albums.
  • It starred The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton as a sort of a "Film Four." 
  • Billy Preston played Sergeant Pepper with George Burns as Mister Kite.
  • Steve Martin was Dr. Maxwell Edison, singing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer."
  • Producer Robert Stigwood was a onetime assistant to Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
  • It was styled like opera, with almost no dialogue -- most of which was spoken by Burns.
  • Based on The Beatles' landmark album, it proved to be critical and commercial failure.
  • The closest thing to a success was Aerosmith's soundtrack cover of "Come Together," which reached the Top 40. 
  • Aerosmith were billed in the film as the Future Villain Band.
  • None of The Beatles appeared in the production.


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