Cubs Take Care of Young Fan Who Missed Out

Cubs Ball

There are few things a baseball fan can do to draw the ire of thousands of other fans in the stadium. They can get too drunk and rowdy; they can shout obscenities; and perhaps the worst offense -- they can take a foul ball away from a kid.

On Sunday at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Cubs first base coach Will Venable picked up a foul ball and tossed it to a young boy in the first row. But the ball bounced away from him, landed on the floor and was picked up by a man behind him who gave it to a woman next to him.

The Cubs saw this, as did everyone else on social media, and did the right thing for the boy. They gave him another game ball and a second ball autographed by all-star Javier Baez and everyone was happy, especially the boy.

As for the other fan who was widely criticized on social media, all seems to have been forgiven. It turns out that a couple of innings before the foul ball incident, he had actually helped the boy get a ball, so the young fan actually already had one. In the end, it was a good day for everyone ... and the Cubbies won the game. (USA Today)

... and if you haven't seen enough, already...

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