DOOBIE BROTHERS: Fun Touring With Steely Dan


Patrick Simmons says The Doobie Brothers' just-completed tour with Steely Dan was "great."

Though he really can't name a highlight moment or night, working with old friends with whom they've a long history was a fun way to spend the first half of the summer.

Patrick Simmons looks back on the 2018 Doobie Brothers tour with Steely Dan:

Doobie's Pat Simmons

It wasn't just two legendary bands reaching back to their 1970s success. The guys enjoyed hanging out and catching up.

Patrick Simmons takes us backstage during the Steely Dan - Doobie Brothers tour:

Doobie's Pat Simmons #2

Patrick Simmons on his friendship with Steely Dan's co founders:

Doobie's Pat Simmons #3

Next up for The Doobie Brothers: rehearsals in preparation for two nights of full-album shows November 15th and 16th in New York.

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