DOOBIE BROTHERS: Fun Touring With Steely Dan


Patrick Simmons says The Doobie Brothers' just-completed tour with Steely Dan was "great."

Though he really can't name a highlight moment or night, working with old friends with whom they've a long history was a fun way to spend the first half of the summer.

Patrick Simmons looks back on the 2018 Doobie Brothers tour with Steely Dan:

It wasn't just two legendary bands reaching back to their 1970s success. The guys enjoyed hanging out and catching up.

Patrick Simmons takes us backstage during the Steely Dan - Doobie Brothers tour:

Patrick Simmons on his friendship with Steely Dan's co founders:

Next up for The Doobie Brothers: rehearsals in preparation for two nights of full-album shows November 15th and 16th in New York.


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