Lynyrd Skynyrd: New Concert Disc In September


Lynyrd Skynyrd are doing a farewell tour, but fans can relive a show from 12 years ago with a new release. Live in Atlantic City was recorded in 2006 and originally released on DVD in 2007. It features appearances from 3 Doors Down, Hank Williams Junior and American Idol contestant Bo Bice.

Live in Atlantic City will be released as CD + Blu-ray Digipak (a limited number in fake leather), DVD and vinyl on September 21st. Here's the song list:

  1. "Workin' for MCA"
  2. "Red White and Blue (Love It or Leave)"
  3. "Gimme Three Steps"
  4. "The Real Thing" (f/ Bo Bice)
  5. "Gimme Back My Bullets" (f/ Bo Bice)
  6. "Down South Jukin’" (f/ Hank Williams Jr.)
  7. "Born to Boogie" (f/ Hank Williams Jr.)
  8. "That Smell" (f/ 3 Doors Down)
  9. "Kryptonite" (f/ 3 Doors Down)
  10. "Saturday Night Special" (f/ 3 Doors Down)
  11. "Call Me the Breeze"
  12. "Sweet Home Alabama"
  13. "Free Bird"

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