Paul Rogers Steered Plant to Led Zeppelin

paul rogers

It's no secret that Paul Rodgers is part of the Led Zeppelin story, as he and Bad Company were managed by Zeppelin manager Peter Grant. Bad Company was also one of the first acts signed to Zep's Swan Song Records. But apparently Paul also played a big part in Robert Plant's decision to join Zeppelin.

In a new interview, Rodgers says, "I actually first met Robert Plant up in Birmingham before that band even started. He said, 'I’ve been offered a job in London with a guy called Jimmy Page.' He said he’d been offered either 30 quid a week or a percentage of the band. I told him, 'Take the percentage.' Years later I told that to Led Zeppelin’s manager Peter Grant and he said, 'Oh, so you were the one!'"

Rodgers is on the road as part of the Stars Align tour with Jeff Beck, Ann Wilson and Deborah Bonham, the sister of late Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

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