KANSAS: New Album Delayed

Kansas are working on a new album -- but it's been delayed.

Bassist Billy Greer says they'd hoped to start recording it in January -- but their last tour was more successful than expected and kept them on the road.

He tells Hagerstown, Maryland's Herald-Mail, "We didn’t have the time to write the material. It’s been pushed back, but we’re writing. As far as the tour, no end in sight."

A Kansas member since 1985, Greer sounds a bit conflicted about the band's tour commitments. He enjoys "that time we’re playing and watching the crowd get into the music, but I hate the travel. Yesterday we got stuck in Atlanta for six hours." He then drops the line repeated by countless rock, pop and country legends: "We play for free, we get paid to travel.”

The Kansas tour continues tonight (Friday) in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina. They'll be in the New York area next Friday at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Westchester County.



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