Ole Miss' Mascot Is Scaring the Children

Landshark Tony

The Ole Miss football team now has a new mascot -- that many fans consider bizarre.

Since 2010, the official mascot of the Ole Miss Rebels has been Rebel Black Bear, which was pretty much a black bear in an Ole Miss football uniform.

Well, they replaced Rebel Black Bear with Landshark Tony -- a shark in an Ole Miss football uniform.

Tony was inspired by -- and named after -- late former Ole Miss linebacker Tony Fein, who is credited with starting the defense’s “Fins Up” celebration tradition.

The problem is that Tony is totally scary-looking, not because he’s a shark, but instead because he looks weird and creepy, more like a monster than something you’d see on Shark Week.

And of course, the Twitter-verse exploded with opinions, with some comparing Tony to an iron and a “1990s kid's drink mascot” -- while others suggested that kids are going to have nightmares after seeing this thing. (For The Win)

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