Catapult Launches Thrill-Seekers 500 Feet!

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The Nevis Catapult, which is the newest thrill ride from AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand, launches riders nearly 500 feet through a canyon in Nevis Valley, near Queenstown, at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour — all while they swoop across the sky.

Here's the full boogie, CLICK HERE.

One of New Zealand’s biggest secrets has finally launched today! We got to be the first to experience @ajhackettbungynz Nevis Catapult! It was one of the scariest, most exciting experiences I have ever been apart of! Something you may not know about me is I have a HUGE fear of heights. It took a lot of encouragement for me to get up there and be catapulted off a ledge, 120m in the air! This is definitely worth facing your fears, it literally feels like you are flying! - Thankyou to @ajhackettbungynz #livemorefearless @purenewzealand #NZMustDo @goproanz #Hero6 for letting us be apart of the experience! This clip was shot entirely on GoPro Hero 6 📷 - Music: @kurenmusic - Mon Amour🤙🏼 - GoPro Crew @sarahs_day | @samevanslife | @logan_dodds |@edringwood | @barekiwi | @caiocastro | @gopro

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