Happy Birthday David Crosby 77

D Crosby

David Crosby celebrates his 77th birthday today (Tuesday). Given his years of drug abuse and a liver transplant, that is truly a milestone worth celebrating.

We thought we'd note the occasion by reviewing some of his recent tweets, which are always good for a laugh.

On the documentary of his life that Cameron Crowe is directing: "I have seen the new doc and it is almost dangerously honest."

On beer: "Commercial American beer doesn’t deserve to be called beer ... and that Brit stuff is warm mud." He says he likes Stella Artois, which comes from Belgium.

On cars: "Well the Germans did make the  best cars for a very long time ... until Tesla (of which he owns one) ... so somebody will make better beer too."

And on his current state of being: "Oh I’m trying pretty hard to stick around because ... I realize this is a strange thing to say ... but, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been and I have a ton of stuff I want to do ... music to make."

At 77, Crosby is more prolific now than he's ever been, having released three albums in the last five years with a fourth, tentatively titled Hear if You Listen, due in the fall. He starts a European tour on August 23rd in Iceland. 

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