Phil Collins Thinking New Album

Phil Collins

The last time Phil Collins released an album of original material was in 2002 with Testify. But having returned to touring, he says he "will have to" record a new one.

Collins tells Rolling Stone, "I do have a little studio in my house. There is myself and my Mrs. and we have an office in the same room, so the busier the office is the less chance I get at going in there. I make notes. I’ve got lyrical ideas. I make notes and I keep them in a place that at some point I’ll get to them."

In the meantime, he's enjoying touring. "It’s great fun, I have to say. I didn’t think I’d ever say that again. I’ve got my son [Nicholas] playing drums. That adds to it. He’s been totally accepted by this band... It’s all gone according to plan. As long as we can think of somewhere to go and we get a few breaks, we’ll keep doing it."

And his health has held up so far. He says he's "OK... A back operation left me with a paralyzed right foot. I still have a bit of a problem playing drums. But in general, the health is good."

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