Bridge Collapse "Tragedy Waiting to Happen"

The Morandi Bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy yesterday (Tuesday) wasn't a surprise to everyone.

Engineering experts say the bridge was a "tragedy waiting to happen," and photos published in London's Sun show that the center span was in extremely poor condition. The bridge, which was built about 50 years ago, required constant maintenance. Engineering professor Antonio Brencichtold Italian radio"It was affected by extremely serious corrosion problems linked to the technology that was used (during construction)."

The death toll in the collapse has risen to 38, with many more injured.


Do you think the driver of this truck realizes he has unfinished business in this world?  Whew!

Bridge truck

The Genoa toll bridge pictured below, looking dilapidated just weeks prior to its collapse.

bridge poor condition

The central part of the bridge fell onto a riverbed and warehouses yesterday (Tuesday).

bridge gone


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