Tacos (and great people) Save Two Dozen Dogs

A drainage pipe under a road where Relle Austin of Dallas Street Dog Advocates and her team rescued part of a pack of 29 dogs:

dogs rescued

An animal rescue group in Dallas County, Texas, were on the lookout for a stray dog they had heard was in the area. For months, they kept an eye out for the dog – and finally found it roaming some wetlands.

Along the way, they also found four other dogs in a parking lot, which they followed to a soccer field.

And, wouldn’t you know it, when they arrived at the soccer field, they found a giant “family” of 29 dogs and puppies, all living together nearby.

To help these dogs – and get them out of harm’s way – they spent the summer rescuing them, one dog at a time, by leaving the dogs food, including canned meat and sardines.

They made good progress, but the big breakthrough was when they showed up with tacos. It seems the dogs loved Tex-Mex.

From that day on, the dogs were much more willing to be captured and taken in.

Thanks to the diligence of the group – and the tacos they provided – all 29 dogs were taken off the streets and delivered to shelters, where they are currently waiting for families to adopt them. (Dallas Morning News)

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