PAUL FLART: Social-Pooting Hospital Cop Fired

The viral Instagram account of “Paul Flart” cost him a job. The front desk security guard at a Florida hospital recorded himself farting. He gave himself the name “Paul Flart” because he looks just like Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

For most of this year, Paul Flart recorded his air biscuits in selfie mode. His facial expressions are precious as he releases a floater.

Paul Flart explained that he got the idea one night to video himself when “he let one rip and the acoustics in the room were so good.” He even changed his diet to granola, asparagus and beans to fuel his cheek squeaks.

Unfortunately, Paul Flart became too popular. His Instagram account has nearly 45,000 followers. His boss discovered that on company time Paul Flart was tooting on social media. Even worse, the videos showed the hospital cop shield on his uniform. (The Blast)



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