BLACK SABBATH: Looking Forward, Not Back


Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward says he's "at peace" after his 2012 departure.

Ward hosted his first poetry reading last weekend at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. He recited seven poems, which he says was something he started doing after his split from the band. He said, "[It was] something that was really damaging for me and damaging for a lot of people in [those] relationships. A lot of the things which are kind of emerging in the poetry are really in my recovery from the detachment from something that was very sacred to me. My love was torn apart; my heart was ripped to pieces."

But he added that the split is behind him. "I feel very much at peace. The things of 2012 are past. I'm in a very enlightened place; I love the people I've worked with all my life… I'm through anything that was negative about those times."

Ward and Sabbath parted ways after he felt the contract he was presented with was "unsignable."

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