Havana Rey's Drew Estate Tasting Tonight (Thurs)

Tonight at 6:00 PM, KD Abraham with Drew Estate will be at Havana Rey's Cigar Shop & Lounge for a world-class cigar event featuring Liga Privada, Joys de Nicaragua, Herrera Esteli and Undercrown, along with Acid, Joya, Tabak and many more.  Plus a FREE Jack Daniels tasting...always drink responsibly. 

Cottage Hill Package & Havana Rey's are Mobile's ONLY Drew Estate Diplomat Retailer where you will only find Liga #9's, T52's, UF13, and Norteño by Herrera Esteli!

Come check out our new location, Havana Rey's, tonight, September 13th and be a part of this experience.

Havana Rey's

My bud Andrew Manas was chilling last night in the new digs, and thought he'd share a pic.  Several more rooms, all with a different look, await your arrival.

Havana Rey's interior

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