DAVID CROSBY: Wants a Piece of the Pot Business

D Crosby

David Crosby knows a thing or two about marijuana, so it should come as no surprise that he's looking to license his name for a brand of ganja.

He says, "First, because it’s fun…Getting high is fun, people who get high are fun, and marijuana is fun, and I like to have fun in my life. I like it for music. I like it for sex. I like it for going to the museum. I like it for a whole lot of reasons. I approve, so I have no problem trying to aid some company in selling marijuana products to the world... I believe marijuana should be legal everywhere, and I want to reinforce that to the degree that I can."

As for what will differentiate his brand from others, he says, "Not to take anything away from my celebrity friends with their names on marijuana products, but I've been a serious cannabis connoisseur for, oh, about 60 years -- so I have a lot of experience to draw upon. It’s also likely I’m the most vocal and opinionated of the celebrities when it comes to speaking about marijuana."

And why does he want to do this? "I’m getting in it for a few reasons. The new music streaming services have given the musicians a raw deal, so it cut into just about everyone’s income. As I get older, I’m going to be touring less, so yes the money is important.”

Crosby says that while the "cannabis company that ultimately licenses my name will choose a brand name and packaging," the working title is Mighty Croz, which he says is "me making fun of myself.”

Earlier this year, Gene Simmons partnered with Canadian company Invictus as chief evangelist officer for its line of cannabis.

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