Kids buy back Dad's car sold for cancer treatments

There's a 47-year-old guy in San Antonio named Wesley Ryan who used to tool around town in a white 1993 Ford Mustang.  And he loved that car more than pretty much anything, except his family.

About 17 years ago, he decided to SELL it to pay off medical bills after his wife Laura was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The good news is her treatments worked, and she's been cancer free for 13 years now.  Which is all that really matters.  But he always missed that car.

So their two kids . . . who are now in their 20s . . . recently managed to track down the Mustang's new owner.  And last month, they bought it BACK for him.

There's a video of them surprising him with it.  And as soon as he sees it, he starts crying.  But he wasn't just emotional about the car.

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