Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell will be busy with Fleetwood Mac for much of the next year, but he sees a time where The Heartbreakers will perform again.

Campbell tells Rolling Stone, "Of course we’ll play again someday. We love each other too much not to do that.” 

Campbell says they would never do an arena tour with someone filling in for Tom Petty. But he would be interested in doing something to celebrate the eventual release of the long-discussed Wildflowers box set. "It would be a great tribute to Tom to just do that album. We’d probably have four or five different guest singers with us. We don’t know who they might be though or when this might happen.”

Campbell adds that he's interested in The Heartbreakers' cutting new material with another singer-songwriter. "In the stretch of my imagination, if there’s somebody that we really respect that would want to do an album with a band, we could maybe do that. And if we made an album together and that felt really good and we wanted to go on the road as a whole, doing different songs, maybe there’d be a place for that in the future. But that’s just pie-in-the-sky talk."

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