Staff Surprises Co-Worker with Sign Language Birthday

For the last four and a half years, Erick Curry has cleared tables and stocked shelves at The Yard House restaurant in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Erick has been deaf his entire life, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a beloved employee, appreciated by co-workers and customers alike.

A few weeks ago, Erick celebrated a birthday. The staff wanted to show him just how much he means to them, so they surprised him with a sign language birthday message.

About a dozen co-workers learned enough sign language to record a video of themselves signing the birthday song in front of the restaurant. Erick was moved to tears when he saw it, admitting he couldn’t stop crying.

And now, some employees have been inspired to learn more even sign language, with the hopes of connecting even more deeply with a friend they describe as “a breath of fresh air” and “an easygoing soul.” (KMSP-TV)

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