KISS: If You Want the Best, Listen to It

Paul S.

Paul Stanley says that KISS fans expecting him to sound like he did in the 1970s on the band's latest farewell tour would do better to play the albums from that era.

Stanley told Rolling Stone, "You do come to terms over time with your own mortality, and every singer that I know, probably the first thing we all say to each other is, you know, ‘Is this becoming tougher for you?’...I’ve been doing a lot recently to make sure that my voice is in great form. [But] if you want to hear me sound like I did on KISS Alive!, then put on KISS Alive!"

Stanley isn't bothered by Gene Simmons taking a swipe at him for vocal problems during a solo show the bassist did recently. Stanley said, "He’s out having a great time. He’s doing these -- most of them are free concerts, and when he charges for tickets they don’t sell a lot of tickets -- and I’m sure he’s trying to keep it light for the couple hundred people or whatever, and that’s great! I was just with Gene, obviously, day before yesterday and we have a bond that is enviable.”

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