Firefighter Leaves Own Wedding Reception To Douse

firefighter leaves own reception

Firefighters are extraordinary people. They run into fires, risking their own lives and, in the case of Jeremy Bourasa, risking his own wedding.

The 38-year-old volunteer fireman in Minnesota had just finished exchanging vows with his bride, Krista Boland, when he received a call about a house fire.

Krista told Jeremy he should go, so he did. For the next two hours, Jeremy fought the fire while the wedding reception went on without him. 

When he was done putting out the blaze, he changed back into his wedding clothes and returned to the party where he received a hero's welcome and standing ovation. 

Krista said, "It's about knowing when to put someone else before yourself. I would hope that anyone would do the same in my position. It was the perfect day for us. It ended up being so beautiful, I wouldn’t change a thing." (Inside Edition)

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