Deep Purple: Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool (watch)

Back in 2014, the 32-room Springs Hotel in North Stoke, Oxfordshire, England -- the mansion inhabited by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan in the '70s -- closed down.

Known for its guitar-shaped pool, which Gillan had installed, the property has been abandoned and the pool is covered in green sludge. All this makes for an interesting YouTube video put together by urban explorer Warren Tepper.

He says, "It did feel like the mansion of a rock star because of the guitar shaped swimming pool that Ian had put in -- as well as the extravagant wood work throughout the mansion/hotel, it was a shame that it was converted to a hotel...But I love exploring mansions as you find very cool things. The art was amazing in this location and I loved this place especially because of its ceiling... the wood panels, the very cool hand carved fire places and the stairs."



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