BOB WEIR: Surprise Debut for New Band

Bob Weir and Wolf Brothers, the new trio featuring the onetime Grateful Dead singer-guitarist, bassist Don Was and RatDog drummer Jay Lane, were expected to make their live debut tomorrow (Tuesday) in Reno, Nevada. That won't exactly be happening now, because they already played their first show in San Francisco on Saturday.

It happened at a benefit for Save the Redwoods League Education and Parks Support Programs, and the Wolf Brothers' presence there was unbilled. The audience was told they'd be seeing "Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Friends With Special Guest John Mayer," but no mention was made that the friends would be Was and Lane.

The new group, augmented by Weir's two Dead and Company bandmates, played a seven-song set that included the Dead's "Friend of the Devil" and "Loose Lucy" as well as covers of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" and Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away." A portion of the latter was captured by a fan on video and posted on Instagram.



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