Planter's Peanut Beer Is a Real Thing

Planter's beer

The Planters nut company got together with craft brewer Noon Whistle Brewing to create a beer made with peanuts.

The new beer, which they’re calling Mr. IPA-Nut, is actually brewed with Planters peanuts. It supposedly has a citrus aroma, with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts, followed by a slightly salty finish.

Starting later this week, it will be available in select locations in Illinois. But, there’s always hope that it becomes a big hit and will be released nationwide. (AdWeek)

Giving up my age here, but i actually got one of these for Christmas way back when.  I remember that i had the flu, so the peanut butter i made never tasted that good, and the memories weren't that lasting either.  lol

Planter's peanut butter toy

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