Good People Are Everywhere

mgr jimmy johns

In Nebraska, the life of a military veteran was saved -- thanks to a wrong number that reached a restaurant delivery driver.

Lisa Nagengast was talking to her brother on the phone when he started having trouble. He was in pain, dealing with complications from surgery. He needed to get to the hospital.

So, Lisa hung up with her brother and tried to call a social worker for help -- but ended up reaching a local Jimmy John’s restaurant instead.

The manager of Jimmy John’s, Jason Voss, realized it was a wrong number, but also realized he could do something to help.

Jason called on one of the delivery drivers, Zach Hillmer, to swing by, pick up Lisa’s brother and drive nine miles to the hospital. The delivery was even more special because Zach was a veteran himself.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Jason and the driving of Zach, Lisa’s brother got the medical help he needed and is now doing fine. (WTOC-TV)

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